The admission policy of the school is judiciously governed by the following principles

  1. To ensure admission of students with academic calibre.
  2. To ensure admission as per the provision of school committee.
  3. To ensure admission with fair justice for economically weaker and distressed sections.
  4. Gap certificate, if necessary.

  5. For admission in Second Year only (1) & (2) are required for internal students.

N.B.: Candidates migrated from other university/Board (other than SEBA) must submit their MIGRATION CERTIFICATE in ORIGINAL alongwith the attested copy of Transfer certificate within 20 days from the date of his/her admission failing which his/her admission is liable to be cancelled.

A student seeking admission is required to attach a recent stamp size photograph on the space specified in the Application Form for admission and submit two copies of same at the time of admission.

Evaluation Method

H.S. unit test and final examination 1st Year both Science and Arts 1st unit test, 2nd week of September, 2nd unit test,2nd week of November , 3rd unit test, last week of December . Final examination 1st week of March.

  1. All the students will be informed by the Subject teacher before three days of the monthly test.
  2. Appearing in the monthly test and until test are compulsory in case of any physical illness or any other unavoidable circumstances there must be an application signed by the guardian for consideration.
  3. Best performer of monthly test in all subjects will be awarded by the academic section of the school,
  4. Remedial measures will be taken for slow learner following the monthly unit test.

Procedures of taking Displinary Aaction Against Students

i) A disciplinary Committee shall be constituted with the President or the nominee as the Chairman, Pradhan Acharya/ Principal as the Convenor and one teacher of the school as the member of the committee to enquire about any matter related to indiscipline and to take decision on action to be taken against such erring student(s),

ii) The concerned student will be heard by the Committee before taking decision.

iii) Decision of the Committee will be implemented by the Pradhan Acharya/ Principal.

iv) The guardian of the erring student may request for a request for a review of the decision of the disciplinary committee. However , the decision of the President in this regard shall be final and binding.

Fee Structure

All fees including the Registration Fee of the council will have to be paid at the time of admission, in case of any difficulties the fees may be given by two installments.

N.B.: Few fees are subject to review